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 01  I have questions before I start the application. Who should I contact?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the recruiting team at any time. You can chat with us here M-F 8AM-4PM CST, send us an email, or call the Recruitment Office at (314)-444-2932.

 02  How long will it take for me to hear back?

Once you have submitted your application it generally take approximately two weeks. Mail delivery may slow down the process slightly. If you have not heard back by week three please contact Sara Koziacki.
Email: | Ph (314) 444-5893

 03  What is the next step after completing the application process?

The Department of Personnel will follow-up via regular USPS mail regarding next steps. If you have not heard back by week three please contact Sara Koziacki.

 04  What are the steps of the application process?
 05  When is the next Police Academy class?

We do not have pre-set Academy dates. Classes are selected and given a start date once all tests have been successfully completed and Department of Personnel sends candidates an offer of employment.

 06  How long will it take to hear back to see if I was accepted?

The application and testing process is typically 3 - 4 months from application submittal to Police Academy. 

 07  When is my test?

Test dates are generated by Department of Personnel and sent via regular USPS mail. If you miss your scheduled test date or cannot make it, please contact Sara Koziacki to reschedule.
Email: | Ph (314) 444-5893 

 08  How can I check my status?

Please contact Sara Koziacki to check your application status. Email: | Ph (314) 444-5893

 09  Do I need a Notary?

You do not need to get documents notarized. This is handled upon an accepted job offer.

 10  If I applied in the past and was not accepted, can I reapply?​​

If you were disqualified due to failed Background/Character Analysis you cannot reapply within the same testing period. If you fail either of the Physical Abilities, LEAB or Oral Board tests you have one (1) opportunity to retest within 30 days. If you fail a retest you must wait until a new testing period is opened to reapply.

 11  Can I apply if I live out of state?

Yes, all application forms are accessible here. Once completed, return via mail to 1915 Olive St. St. Louis, MO 63103. If applicable, you will be scheduled to take all tests during a single visit to St. Louis.

 12  Do I have to live in St. Louis City to become a Police Officer?

NO! Commissioned and civilian employees of the Police Division of the City of St. Louis hired will NOT be subject to a residency requirement but will be mandated to maintain a primary residence within a one-hour response time of their place of work throughout the entirety of their employment as an SLMPD employee.

 13  What is the age range to apply?

You must be at least 20.5 years old at time of application submission. There is no maximum age to apply.

 14  Who are witnesses? Why do we need their signatures?

A witness is anyone 18 or older, non-family member, able to serve as a witness to your required authorization forms. 

 15  How long is the Police Academy?

Recruits spend 28 weeks in the Academy with courses in Criminal and Constitutional Law, Patrol, Juvenile Procedures, Criminal Investigation, Report Writing, Firearms, Human Behavior, Traffic, Ethics and Driver Training.


Recruits also have a rigorous physical training program and complete community service as part of their curriculum. To enhance the training experience, the Academy includes a Fitness Center with weight equipment, handball and basketball courts, boxing bags, a learning center for computer training, TV Section, firearms range and the VirTra Simulator which will prepare recruits for real-life incidents so they—and every member of the community—are protected to the best of their abilities.


Recruits must pass physical, practical and written exams before graduating from the Academy and assuming roles as Probationary Police Officers.

The Academy is also responsible for continuing education courses for the Department. Officers receive in-service training in areas such as racial profiling, computer programs, defense tactics and refresher courses in law and firearms use.

 16  What do you recommend I do while waiting to hear back from the Department of Personnel?

Start reviewing study guides, start working out/get in great physical shape, mock interviews (with family, friends, mirror). Practice interview questions are in study guides.

 17  Do you offer lateral transfers to police officers coming from other areas?

Yes, we do accept lateral transfers and will give New Employees who are hired and possess a Missouri Post Certified Class A license shall receive a year of service for every year of service worked in a law enforcement agency and possessed said license, up to a maximum of fifteen (15) years. The credit for service shall be for bi-weekly wages purposes only. 

 18  What is your tattoo policy?

All body art/tattoos must be covered while in uniform.

 19  Does military time count toward retirement?

No, military time does not count towards retirement.

 20  Is the PAT timed?

Yes, the PAT obstacle course must be completed in 3 minutes and 30 seconds

 21  What is the pay matrix?

Below is a matrix to the salary opportunities based on years as an officer.

police application_process

Click on image to enlarge. This flow chart walks you through the application steps. Click here to review the steps in further detail.

Click on image to enlarge. This flow chart walks you through once your application has been submitted.

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