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Application Details & Packet

The St. Louis Police Cadet Program was formed with the input and funding from the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis Police Foundation. The Police Cadet Program provides needed support and a clear pathway for those who are passionate about our city and are interested in a career in law enforcement. The goal of the program is to provide interested individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 ½ with paid, on the job training and exposure to various units within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Cadets have the opportunity to earn course credit while also establishing a foundation to be successful and well-prepared upon entering the St. Louis Police Academy once turning 20 ½.


  1. The application must be filled out in its entirety

  2. Proofread your application

  3. Be thorough and complete

    • ​​This includes all periods of employment and unemployment, all addresses should include street address, city, state and zip code, and telephone numbers with area codes

  4. Make sure reference information is up to date and accurate

  5. Additional documents are required to complete application
    (refer to Step 8) NOTE: Please UPLOAD DOCUMENT COPIES.

  6. Witness Requirements - Most forms require a witness signature. Your witness must be over 18 years of age and not a relative.


Omission of witness signatures, misinformation or missing details will result in your application being considered incomplete.

The Metropolitan Police Department-City of St. Louis is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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